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Rich Pins are powerful because of the information they provide additional information, look aesthetically pleasing, and increase the amount of screen space the pin occupies. Rich Pins work by displaying metadata markups from your website in a human-readable manner. Once you’re setup, content on your site with metadata will become a Rich Pin when someone saves it, pulling in the article headline, description, recipe, product info, site name, logo, etc.


They’re more relevant to your users, more useful and therefore more likely to be pinned, repinned (saved), or liked.
They’ll update automatically when you change information on your site.
They occupy more of that valuable screen space
Rich Pins drive traffic to your site. Make sure to setup your Google Analytics to track this uplift
More traffic, more conversions!

But wait! There’s more…

Using Rich Pins with your verified account means they will appear higher in search results. With detailed, well-crafted Pin descriptions you’ll be bumped up even further.
Rich (Product) Pins are an especially valuable option for retailers. Pins with prices are proven to get more likes and you can even notify users when prices drop. This information is another way to get out of the way of your shopper, making it easier for them to buy your products with information on availability and location.

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